Ban Talae Nok Village

The small village of Ban Talae Nok was severely affected by the tsunami with 47 dead from a population of 228. Lower Ban Talae Nok was built adjacent to the beach from natural materials and was completely destroyed. As a result of the tsunami, the people of Ban Talae Nok still do not have enough to support themselves and sustain growth in the future. The mainstay of the economy was fishing and all of the boats were lost in the tsunami, including those from the upper village.

Many projects have taken place in the village, with assistance from NATR and other relief agencies. These include the regular delivery of fresh food, the replacement of crab traps, livestock replacement, cashew peeling, educational scholarships and the construction of a Community Learning Centre. One of the highly successful, on-going projects is the production of herbal soap by the women in the village.

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