Golden Buddha Beach

Golden Buddha Beach Resort

Golden Buddha Beach (GBB) was an eco-resort situated on Koh Phrathong—one of the most out-of-the-way, naturally beautiful resorts in the North Andaman region. Small wooden houses, with no hot water or regular electricity, provided just the perfect setting to relax out of the hot sun. The owner, Dick Sandler, had spent over 14 years establishing relationships with the local villagers on the island and provided employment to many. When the wave hit, most of the structures (including the office, the dining facility, the yoga sala, the massage platform), and several of the individually-owned houses were totally destroyed. The shape of the beach was completely transformed and reshaped with only memories left scattered behind.

Because Bodhi, NATR's director, personally knew all of the employees, he immediately helped NATR source the funding which enabled each family to receive emergency financial aid. The employees are also being offered scholarship opportunities so that they can explore alternative livelihoods if they choose not to return to the tourism industry.

NATR has successfully worked with Naucrates’ Conservation Project (with financial assistance from the Rotary Club of Koh Samui) to restore the mangrove forest in the area, by clearing out tsunami debris, cutting back dead trees and replanting mangrove seedlings.

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