Laem Naew

Laem Naew Village

Laem Naew is a very small fishing community deep in the mangroves and accessible only by boat—45 minutes from the nearest road or village. It has 30 homes and 30 to 35 families. Somehow, the homes survived the tsunami, and are still standing, but seven of 14 boats in the village were destroyed. Nobody was killed as someone saw the wave coming and everyone had time to get to high ground.

NATR was the first relief organization to assist the village and has helped to coordinate the work of other agencies. Projects which have been completed here include the provision of a boat for the community as well as boat repair and engine replacement. Livestock were replaced, nets were repaired and fresh food was delivered to assist villagers in the early stages after the tsunami. Since then, NATR has supplied a second hand generator, helped to stabilize the landslide behind the school and is now looking to support long-term educational scholarships for both children and adults.

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