Tung Nang Dam Village

Tung Nang Dam

Tung Nang Dam is a Muslim village located in the middle of a mangrove forest on an island, a short 20 minute boat ride from the Kuraburi Pier.  When the tsunami hit, the villagers’ homes were spared, but almost all of their fishing boats and equipment was lost. The already dilapidated 320-meter bridge, the main access to the village, also suffered severe damage and massive amounts of salt water flooded the one and only fresh water supply.  The shorter bridge, leading to the fish farms in a mangrove klong, is also in a dangerous state of repair, and needs to be repaired urgently.

NATR was the first organization to visit this village and has developed a good relationship with the community. The projects implemented so far include the delivery of fresh food and support for children through educational scholarships as well as the replacement of fishing equipment, boat repair and support for alternative incomes. Long term scholarships have also been secured for some of the children in the village and the repair of the second bridge is due to begin shortly. Tung Nang Dam is also one of the key villages for the Community Empowerment, Vocational Training and ACE Tourism Program and they have already taken part in a three-day workshop, facilitated by REST, to look at its feasibility.

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