Golden Buddha Beach

Tapa Yoi was not destroyed by the tsunami but many residents moved into Kuraburi in early January for fear of further tsunami and landslide danger. There are 55 families living in tents at the Wat Prasan (temple) in Kuraburi.

Some families lost their boats in the tsunami and were not able to carry on fishing during the peak season. Now that the monsoon has arrived, they do not have the money they would normally have saved for this season. In addition, many of the families did not own their boats; the boats were rented from wealthier members of the village. Many of these boats have, ironically, been sold to tsunami relief agencies to replace boats in other villages. Some families have moved back to the island and are attempting to rebuild their lives.

NATR assisted with the provision of fresh food to the temporary camp and is now focusing its support on educational scholarships for children who are attending school back on the island.

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