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The story of NATR is different from the many organizations that came to help after the tsunami. After losing my house and job in the tsunami (to the wave of December 26, 2004), I was inspired by those around me who had lost everything, and yet dared to dream of a better future.

Since that time, NATR has been fortunate to receive support and volunteers from all over the world. The balance of international and local experience has been the key to our success. Our many projects have focused on tsunami relief and community development, including emergency needs, education, livelihoods development, and conservation.

We started by doing relief projects FOR community members, then we progressed to development projects WITH community members, now we are assisting with projects led BY community members.

In June, 2007, NATR closed several of its projects, and focused on long term needs; community based tourism, environmental education, handicrafts, scholarships, and a community center will all be managed by Andaman Discoveries.

How has NATR been able to successfully complete over 150 projects? Because, when people focus on what we have in common, great things can happen. It is our similarities, not our differences, that allow us to learn from and help each other

Two and a half year after the heartbreaking losses of December 26, hope has returned and a better future seems possible. I am grateful that so many kind people have chosen to support NATR's mission. As I have heard so many times in the villages of the North Andaman,

"Thank you, on behalf of the Thai people."

–Bodhi Garrett
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