NATR's Mission Statement

NATR's Mission Statement

North Andaman Tsunami Relief provides assistance to tsunami impacted coastal communities on and near Koh Phratong. We emphasize a community-driven process, and cooperate with other parties involved in the relief effort to work toward long term sustainability for these communities.


Provide emergency, mid-, and long-range assistance to ensure that tsunami survivors have access to food, education, healthcare, and can rebuild and/or diversify their livelihoods.


1. Assessment: Engage in constant and continuous assessment with individual village members to determine need. Retain flexibility that will allow us to serve the evolving needs of villagers on an immediate basis, and fill gaps left by the highly-structured efforts of government and large aid groups.

2. Coordination and Cooperation: Work with all stakeholders, including government agencies and non-governmental relief groups, to promote effective, non-redundant aid in the villages. Share and communicate resources with all involved parties to promote the best possible solutions for villagers. Utilize local resources to invigorate the severely impacted economy.

3. Differentiated Assistance to Coastal Communities: Focus on the varied needs of different groups, including resort workers, fishermen, the Moken (sea gypsies) women, Burmese immigrants and children. Implement immediate and longer-term programs to address these needs such as short-term labour programs where community members can play a key role in the reconstruction of their villages. Where gaps exist, provide specific projects that target education, health and housing for community members.

4. Livelihood: Work with families of those that have lost their livelihoods, including employment at the resorts and fishing. Assist with the procurement of long tail boats and fishing equipment. If preliminary reports are correct and fish stocks are depleted for some time, explore and provide economic alternatives to fishing.

5. Education: Provide educational materials, books, supplies, and temporary teachers for education while schools are being rebuilt. Provide scholarships for families that are unable to afford to send their children to school.

In the wake of this tragedy, we intend to do everything we can to help these communities help themselves to get back on their feet. In cooperation with long-time local residents and local organizations such as the Hat Praphat Research Station, the on-going needs of the communities will be assessed, with attention to their long term well-being.

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