Bak Jok Village

Bak Jok Village

The village of Bak Jok on Koh Phratong was completely destroyed by the tsunami. All residents are now located at the temporary camp near Kuraburi pier, in plywood housing.

NATR has been supporting the community through the implementation of a variety of projects. These include the regular delivery of fresh food, the replacement of shrimp nets and squid traps and the repair of the bridge between the two temporary camp sites. Toys were also delivered to the children in the camp and an art therapy activity carried out with them. An extremely successful Community Centre has been set up where the community is attending courses, carrying out income-generating activities, receiving medical treatment and holding meetings.

There are at present two highly successful, on-going projects. The first is the Artisan's Cooperative, where a group of skilled Moken model boat makers are working together to produce exquisite boats for sale. The second is a Paper and Card-Making Cooperative comprised of local women, who produce high quality gift cards on recycled paper. NATR is now in the process of marketing these products, both locally and abroad.

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