Tung Dap Village

Tung Dap

The village of Tung Dap, located on the south western edge of Koh Phrathong, was one of the two villages totally destroyed by the tsunami. The 22 Moken Thai households and 10 Buddhist Thai families lost all of their homes, possessions, and most of their boats and fishing supplies. Many of the residents of Tung Dap are still living in temporary shelters near the mainland village of Tung La Ong waiting for their houses to be rebuilt. Above all, they desire to return to Koh Phrathong and to their traditional fishing livelihood. They are keen to rebuild their lives, but this will takes months to achieve.

NATR has been monitoring the situation of these families, and has provided for their emergency needs such as clean drinking water and fresh food. The village has received generous support from the Rotary Club of Koh Samui, under their "Adopt a Village" program and NATR has been coordinating activities such as an art therapy day, a children's playground, a furniture workshop, a summer camp and the provision of educational scholarships and support to the temporary teacher on the island.

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